Our partners are:

University Hospital in Krakow

The "Bogoria" company - Agata and Sylwester Chacińscy, based in Warsaw, ul. Zamiejska 13/12, REGON: 015715180 is a service company represented by Mr. Sylwester Chaciński. The company deals with transport and delivery of various types of parcels, including biological materials.

For five years, the "Bogoria" company has been cooperating with the University Hospital on the basis of a mandate contract as part of the financial resources awarded by the Ministry of Health for the implementation of the health policy program "National Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases for 2006-2008 - POLKARD" in the task "Model of supervision over patients with advanced chronic heart failure at home" - contract No. 5/43/1/2008/45/3709. For the Polkard Program, the company collects blood from centers participating in the program, located in various regions of the country, and then transports and delivers it to the University Hospital in appropriate conditions (frozen).

"Bogoria" is a company that always does its job reliably and on time, and its employees are characterized by diligence, commitment and responsibility. Cooperation with her is flawless.

The Chaciński company can be successfully commissioned with any order in line with the nature of its services.



Cooperation with Mr. Paweł Chaciński who performs the service of transporting blood samples in dry ice is very good. Samples are received within the agreed period. The company is characterized by timeliness, availability and friendly service.

dr hab. med. Jan Kochanowicz

Medical University of Gdańsk

Mr. Paweł and Sylwester Chaciński, deal with the collection and transport of biological materials to central laboratories, including ICON or EORTC laboratory (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer).

They have cooperated with us in over 10 clinical trials since 2001.

The cooperation has always been on time and without complaint. You can successfully recommend them to any order - it will certainly be made according to the standards specified in the order.

Anna Gładysz
Clinical Research Coordinator