About Company

F.U. company "Bogoria" A.S. Chacińscy has been on the market since August 2000. Initially, it was a one-man business entity under the name F.U. "Bogoria" - Sylwester Chaciński. Since May 2004, it has been a civil law company F.U. "Bogoria" A.S. Chacińscy.

Due to the growing customer demand for this type of services to increase the efficiency and reach of our company, in September 2004 we established cooperation with the company "PAUL-TRANS" Paweł Chaciński. It allowed us to further expand the area of activity and competitiveness in relation to other business entities.

From the very beginning, our activities have been directed to people and institutions dealing with clinical and laboratory tests, who care about professional, fast, reliable and safe sample transport - both from the food industry and other biological materials (e.g. blood, serum, plasma, urine).

Our companies, operating on the market for a long time, have gained experience in the safe transport of specialized shipments. We treat all parcels, both medical, food and sensitive, due to their specific nature. The entire transport process is carried out only by our companies. In this way, we guarantee the customer security and the highest quality of service.

We introduce ourselves to our clients as a trustworthy partner. Some companies and institutions we work with have resigned from the services of larger courier companies operating on our market. They worked only in sending ordinary parcels and correspondence. The certainty that medical shipments do not differ significantly from standard shipments has exceeded their expectations. It often happened that clinical tests and trials ordered by the client and requiring the right temperature (usually negative) were delivered in thawed condition.

We help our clients professionally supporting them in the management and organization of a comprehensive logistics process. We also advise on shipment and packaging specifications.