Transport in dry ice

We transport, among others medical research products (IMP), i.e. a pharmaceutical form of the active substance or placebo tested used as a reference in the clinical process. In addition, we transport materials for conducting clinical processes provided by a clinical trial point, client / sponsor or other entity under various storage conditions.

We have expanded the service and we also transport samples of food and agricultural products.

Storage conditions for material in transport:

  • frozen, i.e. -65°C to -85°C (specified as -85°C)
  • frozen, i.e. -15°C to -20°C (specified as -20°C)
  • cooled, i.e. 2°C to 8°C
  • in room temperature

The prices of our services are competitive. Our client has the ability to directly influence their height by negotiating them with us.

We provide:

  • dry ice
  • reliable and safe delivery of the goods at the appropriate temperature to the indicated address
  • comprehensive and professional service
  • transport containers
  • logistics
  • sale of dry ice on order

Place for collecting ice cubes:
Warsaw, Targówek Przemysłowy, ul. Rzeczna 6 (on the premises of the "CHEMIA" company), warehouse B4 on the ramp.


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